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Rules for conduct

See FIS rules


  • Where is the registration for the ski school?
    You will find the main office of our ski school in the Hotel Bacher at the Asitzbahn Talstation and at Riedlsperger Sportshop ( in opposite of the petrol station ).
  • Where is the meeting point of my course?
    You will find your instructor at 9:30am at the meeting point in front of Hotel Bacher / Leo´s Kinderland at the Asitzbahn Talstation.
  • When does the course start?
    Our courses start at 10am, every Sunday and Monday, in the Christmas Holidays daily!
  • What time do I have to be at the meeting point?
    On the first day we ask our students to be at 9.30am at the meeting point, as we need to classify the groups depending on their performance.
  • How do I recognise my ski instructor?
    You will recognise us because of our friendly smile and the blue dress. Ask us and we are happy to help you.

TIP: get the course booking, lift tickets and any necessary rental equipment the day before the course begins … beware of grief and sorrow 

Ski course and knowledge

  • How will I be classified into a group?
    After a short warm-up on your first day, you will make a  run to show us your skills. Our boss or the main ski instructors will find the matching group for you.
  • Can I change the groups?
    If your capability not conforms with the group, you can switch into a more or less advanced group. Please tell your ski instructor, if you don’t fell well in your group.
  • How many days should I book a course?
    Depends on what you want to learn. 3 days courses are well preferred.
  • Can I extend a course?
    An extension is no problem if your course continues. Please talk to your instructor or the office.
  • How many students are in one group?
    A ski course takes place from 3 persons on and has not more than 8-10 students normally.
  • With how many students can I book a privat instructor?
    The number of students is up to you. Prices can be found here!

Prices and performances

  • How many lessons do I get on a day course?
    We instruct 4 hours a day. Our courses are from 10am to noon. After one hour lunch break we start again from 1pm to 3pm. With a private instructor you can vary the lessons after talking to the office.
  • How much is a 3 days course?
    Prices Kids, Prices Adults & Teenagers – prices are subject to change
  • Where do I get my equipment from?
    Your equipment can be rented e.g. directly at Riedlsperger Sportshop.
  • How do I know what equipment I will need?
    A professional staff in the ski rental will advise you and provide you with the right gear.
  • Is the equipment included in the course price?
  • Do I need a lift pass?
    Yes, you will need a lift pass.
    If you should be on a beginner course, your ski instructor will let you know if you need one. Special prices for exercise-lifts.
  • Which lift pass do I need?
    For every booked day you need a valid pass (for hours or days) for the ski area Saalbach-Hinterglemm-Leogang.
  • Is the lift pass included in the price of the course?
  • How much is a lift ticket?
    Lift tickets will get cheaper the longer they are valid.
    More information you will find here.
  • Where can I get the lift ticket?
    You get the lift ticket at the desks of the Asitzbahn Talstation, Steinbergbahn Talstation and in some selected hotels.


  • Does my child need a lift ticket?
    Yes. Even the little ones need one. Up to a age of 6 years the skipass is for free (A proove of age is necessary)
  • Will my child be cared of during lunch break?
    We offer children courses including supervised lunch. Your child will get a childrens meal and drink in one of the huts in the skiarea and its ski instructor will take care of him.
  • Child care without a ski course:
    We are happy to arrange a nanny or child care groups in the Villa Kunterbunt at the Asitzbahn Talstation.
  • What happens if my child doesn’t like the ski course?
    We ask you for your mobile phone number at the registration – so we will always reach you if, it would be necessary.
  • From what age on my child can learn how to ski?
    We instruct children in skiing from 3-4 years on (depends on the upgrowth of the child).
  • Is there a ski race for the children?
    Every Friday there is a ski race. After that, the ceremony takes place at the terrace area of the Hotel Bacher. Every child will get a medal and a certificate.


  • What about Snowboard courses?
    All listet faq are also valid for snowboard courses.
  • Do I need to know how to ski before I learn snowboarding?
    No, but it could be beneficial.
  • From which age on my child can learn snowboarding?
    Your child should be at least 8 years old to learn snowboarding in the group. In private lessons we can also instruct them from 5-6 years on.
  • Is snowboarding more difficult than skiing?
    The start seems more difficult for many and it is more physical exercise. Later skiing is maybe a more complex discipline.

What happens if something goes wrong?

  • Is there a rescue service?
    Yes. The professional rescue team from the Leoganger Bergbahnen helps if something happens. Our ski instructors are also trained in first aid.
  • Does the insurance cover the ski school in case of injury?
    The ski school will not be held liable for accidents. Undrawn performances won’t be refunded.
  • Will I get in the event of injury or disease, the course fee refunded?
    On presentation of a medical certificate, the remaining course fee will be refunded.
    This also applies for your lift ticket.