General Terms and Conditions:instruct

(These terms and conditions apply to the
Salzburger Land active Ski and Snowboard Schools)

Overall Management:

Mag. Franz Deisenberger
Certified PE Teacher

Certified Mountain and Ski Guide
Certified Austrian Skiing Instructor

Cross- Country- Skiing Coach

Sinning 50
5771 Leogang, Salzburg

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone:  0043 (0) 6583 7200

Fax: 0043 (0) 6583 7114

VAT-number: ATU 33 501 109

Bankaccount: Schischule Deisenberger
IBAN: AT85 3503 1000 0004 6060
Raiffeisenbank Leogang

Management Children & Beginners:

Bernadette Deisenberger
Certified PE Teacher
Certified Ski Guide

1. General: 
Unless otherwise expressly agreed, these Terms and Conditions apply to all transactions and contracts that are between the ski and snowboard schools in the province of Salzburg and completed their customers as a contractor. Subject of the Salzburg ski and snowboard schools and is the operation of ski schools for the purposes of ski and snowboard schools. include these, so the services of the provision of instruction in the skills and knowledge of snow sports, especially of skiing and snowboarding (both without warranty of any particular training success) and the guide and companion of snow sports, especially on skiing and snowboarding.

2. Bookings, quotations, order confirmation, contract, online price checking and prices: 
Reservations for individual and group courses in person locally and through Internet, by telephone or by fax.

The offers of ski and snowboard schools in the province of Salzburg are subject to change.

For the adoption of the reservation and the level of performance, only the written confirmations of the Ski and Snowboard Schools in SalzburgerLand are crucial. Verbal or telephone covenants apply only with express written approval by the respective ski and snowboard school in Salzburg Province.

When booking on-site (individual and group classes), a contractual relationship only with the purchase or delivery of the required rate card will be given. The same applies to bookings using remote means of communication, the necessary course map before the start of

Service provision is collected from customers. In all cases, the delivery of the course ticket only after full payment of course fees before the course begins.

All are of the ski and snowboard schools in the Salzburger Land Prices in EURO, unless otherwise agreed, inclusive of the taxes. Price lists are subject to change. For any printing error is not stuck.

3. Payment: 
No written agreement is taken, for contracts that come via internet, fax or other means of distance communication about and the individual and group courses directly related to the receipt of the written order confirmation to make a deposit in the amount of at least 50% of the bill. This deposit has einzulangen three working days before the service is provided on the account of each ski and snowboard school. The balance must be paid before the start of service delivery.

If specifically and individually with each ski and snowboard school SalzburgerLand agreed upon, the total amount of course fees may also directly before the service in cash directly to the instructor or a to receive the course fee authorized person from their ski and snowboard school SalzburgerLand be paid.

For contracts to be concluded at the place of the charge for the service to be provided prior to the course in the respective office of the Ski and Snowboard School in the province of Salzburg is to pay cash or with the use of making the customary electronic means of payment.

In case of default, the ski and snowboard schools are entitled in Salzburg, demand the contractor a statutory interest rate.

4. Online information and online reservations: 
All services of the Ski and Snowboard Schools in Salzburg, made on the basis of online inquiries and orders using the Internet or other online services subject to these terms and conditions.

4.1. Contents of the online service: 
The ski and snowboard school / ski and snowboard rental (hereinafter called the author) takes no responsibility for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of information provided.Liability claims against the author which relate to any type of material or immaterial nature caused by use or disuse of the information or the use of incorrect or incomplete information are strictly excluded, unless the author can not be serious fault.

All offers are non-binding. The author reserves the right to change parts of the website or the entire offer without prior notice, add to, delete or temporarily or permanently.

4.2. References, links: 
For direct or indirect links to other Internet sites (links) which lie outside the responsibility of the author, the author makes in principle no liability, unless he has in front of each link of illegal contents of these web pages shown to have knowledge and failed after learning of gross fault to prevent the use by third parties in the case of illegal content or prohibit, providing this was it was technically possible and reasonable.

The author explains hereby expressly that at the time of linking, no illegal content on the linked sites were identifiable and known. On the current and future design, contents or authorship of the linked or linked web pages, the author has no influence. The author dissociates himself from all contents of all linked websites which were changed after the successful linking or link. This applies to all within the own Internet offer set left and references as well as all foreign entries in guest books, discussion forums, mailing lists, etc.

For illegal, incorrect and incomplete contents and especially for damages resulting from use or failure to use such information only the provider of the website has been referred to, but not one who has linked to these pages only.

4.3. Copyright and trademark law: 
The author endeavors to respect the copyrights of the graphics, sound files, video sequences and texts, to use his own graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts or to use graphics, sound files, video sequences and texts.

All within the internet offer and are subject without restriction if necessary by third protected brands and trademarks are the provisions of applicable trademark and copyright laws, other relevant legal rules and ownership rights of the copyright owner. The mere mention must not be concluded that trademarks are not protected by law.

The copyright for published by the author himself remains solely with the author of the respective web pages. Any reproduction or use of graphics, sound files, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications without the express permission of the author.

5. General Conditions: 
The contractor has to clarify the ski and snowboard schools in the province of Salzburg on his skills and experience in the various snow sports, especially skiing and snowboarding during the course starts truthfully and completely. He has self-pay for a state of the art snow sports, especially skiing and snowboarding technique, and the appropriate external conditions and appropriate equipment to ensure it. He also has ski and snowboard school SalzburgerLand about his health and any diseases that affect the exercise of the snow sports or exercise of this sport can become acute educate.

Before the start of the course is by the contractor to arrange for independent technical review of the appropriate equipment, particularly the ski and snowboard equipment and binding by a specialist. For any damages to the contractor resulting from a non-professional or inadequately carried out inspection, adjustment or servicing of equipment, each ski and snowboard school has no liability. Each contractor is responsible for the technical security and its equipment are free from defects responsible and has to pay for any resulting damages themselves. In particular, the ski and snowboard school prohibit the contractor participation in the course of a safety hazard or lack of technical equipment until the contractor has led to remedy the defect without the other party claims for loss of pay for failure to get lessons.

The grouping and classification according to the skill of the contractor at the rates made by the ski and snowboard schools in the province of Salzburg. Should a downgrade of a participant is required, the contractor has to follow that decision. Otherwise, the respective ski and snowboard school in the province of Salzburg has the right to immediately terminate the contract without the breaches the behaving party is entitled to recover the fees paid.

Instructions of the ski and snowboard schools in the province of Salzburg has to follow the party strictly and precisely observed. The disregard of instructions and exhortations right ski and snowboard schools in the province of Salzburg for immediate termination. Furthermore, impairment of the right contractor by alcohol and / or drugs for immediate termination by the Ski & Snowboard School. In all these cases, the contractor is not entitled to any refund of the fee.
Decreases in group courses, the number of group members to less than five people, so keep the ski and snowboard schools in SalzburgerLand the right groups to merge or to reduce the lessons accordingly.

6. Liability provisions: 
The contractor of the Ski and Snowboard Schools in SalzburgerLand is advised to take out health, accident, liability and health insurance urgently. The ski and snowboard schools in the province of Salzburg are liable under the legislation for any damages, which are related to the business of ski and snowboard schools in the province of Salzburg in and which were caused deliberately or through gross negligence. Third-party insurance on the part of the Ski & Snowboard Schools exist in Salzburg Province. In addition, the respective ski and snowboard school will not be liable if the contractor in violation of the instructions, the FIS piste rules, other legal orders or provisions of these terms and conditions hurt the body, suffers injury or causes damage of any kind.

7. Complaints: 
Any complaints and complaints by the other party to the respective office of the Ski and Snowboard School in the Salzburger Land immediately to publish the site to allow rapid solution and enable the provision of the service continues. If the party right of appeal without delay, at least not true until the end of service provision, so any rights to reduction of the fee will not be considered. Other claims against the ski and snowboard schools in the province of Salzburg are each at least four weeks after the occurrence or the knowledge of the right reason to make writing and justified.

8. Cancellation: 
For individual courses, is that a withdrawal from the contract at a 17:00 clock the previous day’s attack without a cancellation fee is possible. If the cancellation is however only at a later date, as is the ski and snowboard school SalzburgerLand entitled to require the agreement pursuant to the rate equal to a full daily rate or for booking a half day or hourly basis to each currently applicable prorated daily or hourly rate to charge.

Group lessons for a refund of payments already made is only for accidents or illness on presentation of a medical certificate from a local doctor possible. The amount to be reimbursed will be recalculated on the basis of the actual work performed for that period. The total amount will be reduced because it can increase it but the daily rates. No-shows at the agreed course date or for cancellation during current service is not refundable.

With weather-related outages course (force majeure) the remuneration paid by the Ski & Snowboard Schools SalzburgerLand is not refundable.

The course fee includes the cost of the use of the lifts are not. All costs for the use of all lifts of the course participants with a contractor. For by losses in the cable car and lifts foregone school hours makes the Ski and Snowboard School no substitute.

9. Safety: 
The students are strongly cautioned that children and young people, according to Salzburg Sports Act 1988, Law Gazette No. 98/1987 up to age 15 Year of life in the exercise of the alpine skiing and snowboarding on the intended use of one of the ÖNORM EN 1077:2007 the ski or snowboard helmet are required. In addition, students have to gain knowledge about the content and implementation of common FIS piste rules and comply.

10. Place of jurisdiction, applicable law: 
Performance is the location of the central branch of the ski and snowboard school / ski rental. All legal disputes arising from the contractual relationship is at the seat of central branch of the ski and snowboard school / ski hire locally and subject matter jurisdiction eligible court. Austrian law applies. The contract language is German.

11. Legal force: 
If any provision of these Terms and Conditions be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions and the entire legal transaction. The ineffective provision is replaced by such, which the invalid provision comes closest. To change these terms and conditions in writing.

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